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Like all outdoor enthusiasts, Redfire pursues the concept of health and youth. Redfire refers to cyclists as actors, because cyclists yearn for freedom and can take a walk-and-go trip or a mountain cross-country competition at any time, so action is the best interpretation of their performance. While enjoying the pleasure of riding, admiring the beautiful scenery of nature, physical and mental health is enriched. This is our original intention. We will continue to strengthen and increase the configuration of Redfire to provide safe and high-quality cycling bicycles for all cycling enthusiasts.

  • Impressed!

    I am very pleased with this bike! After several months of searching for a basic mountain bike I could upgrade over time, I settled on the Redfire. My personal opinion - not a ton of difference between the $300 to $400 bikes. In reading the reviews on a variety of bikes, what does make a BIG difference - the condition of the shipping box when the bike arrives. Broken/smashed/crunched/ripped/open boxes usually = problems. I am VERY PLEASED (see pictures) that my bike arrived QUICKLY and the shipping box was in perfect condition! This leads me to believe that Redfire has U.S. based shipping (which is not the case for many manufacturers here). The bike was easy to assemble. Ignore the useless directions (for multiple bike models) and just watch the assembly video. Only have about 10 miles on bike, so far so good. Did replace the uncomfortable seat with a spare I had.

  • Very nice bicycle

    I almost bought a $800 brand name bike. I’m glad I didn’t. Not because this bike is better, it’s not, but because it’s more than enough for my needs. The bike is built well with nice Shimano gears and yes, it looks great. It also performs well in the Florida mountains :) and is great and smooth on gravel and rough paths.
    The front brake is on the right side of the handlebar, which is the British standard, but that does not bother me at all. My only regret is that the rear wheel does not come with a quick release mechanism. Overall, this bicycle is very good for me and I’m happy with the purchase.

  • Well, here's a first...

    ...This came tuned so I didn't even need to adjust the gears. Besides that minute detail, the bike is so solid. I replaced the seat and the pedals (glad I ordered them about the same time as I did the bike, even though it was a gamble). Like other reviews have stated, the bike comes packaged quite well and assembled for the most part. I wasn't expecting the bike to be such a beast or so well manufactured. I've checked the wheels and they're straight! The tires are also thick and good quality rubber. Adjusting the brakes was no problem, and it does come with allen wrenches but you will want to use professional tools to tighten the bolts on the seat (if you're replacing it, which I recommend) and pedals (which I also recommend replacing). The frame's got that hidden weld and wires thing going on and it feels so safe that I'm getting at least 1 more if not 2 for the fam so we can go riding together.

  • Customer satisfaction .

    I originally had a few issues with this bike . Just like any bike on the market could have . But the way the company took care of issue was prompt and very fair . I now have a very nice bike and a company I would use again . I would recommend this company .